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When a Mastercard® account is represented in any digital payment application, including wallets, apps, and other forms of e-commerce, a full-color Mastercard Brand Mark on its own (Figure 1) or within one of the card representations described below must appear in close proximity to the account representation in order to provide clear brand identification.

Mastercard brand requirements

The Mastercard Brand Mark must appear within the user interface when:

  • Activating an account
  • Selecting credentials / accountfor payment
  • Viewing account details
  • Completing the use of credentials /account in a transactionUsing a Mastercard card imageA Mastercard card image may be used in lieu of the Mastercard Brand Mark but still must appear in the locations described above. Card images must conform to the following standards:

• May be a generic representation of a Mastercard card provided all Mastercard brand elements are sized and positioned proportionally at least as large as they must appear on a physical card (Figure 2)

• May be an exact replica of the corresponding physical card provided all Mastercard brand elements are included (e.g., Brand Mark, Program Identifier)
at their required sizes proportionally, and personalization elements such as an account number have been partially obscured or removed

• May depart from conventional physical card layout and design. For example, a neutral-shaped icon could be used provided minimum Brand Mark size requirements are met (Figure 3)

Minimum sizes

Mastercard Brand Mark: Minimum final display width is 7mm.

Mastercard card image: Minimum final display width is 15mm.

Note: The above sizes apply to 240 dpi or greater. On lower resolution screens, larger brand artwork may be required to ensure reasonable legibility.